Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun!

We are loving summer time! One of Abe's favorite activities is swimming at the pool :) I'll write more later, just had to update quickly so they wouldn't deactivate my account.... :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Fun....

Wow, so much has happened in our lives since my last post. Let's see where to start...
The school year ended and both the kids did very well in their classes. Kodi was especially bummed to say goodbye to his friends. This is the first summer where he has said he misses school (not because of the studying but because of his friends :D). This summer Kodi, Eden, and Abram are all participating in the summer reading program at our local library. We all enjoy taking trips to the library and Kodi is getting better and better with using the computer search system. Abram is not so into reading yet, but he does enjoy paging through books at his own free will (he will listen to me read a page or two here and there and on a good day will sit through the same book twice --- when he's into it he loves repetition).

Right after school got out Matt, the kids and I all boarded an airplane and flew down to Florida for a week in Kissimee (Orlando area). We spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa Jorgenson (Thanks again for the wonderful accommodations) and then my sister, Sarah, her hubby Ed, and their son Morse came and joined us all on Tuesday. Here's a recap of our trip....
Saturday: Magic Kingdom bright and early -- we had a blast in Tomorrow Land and Frontier Land. The heat hit us hard and we were all exhausted by 3pm. We took a swim and napped back at our hotel before heading back to Magic Kingdom for more rides and fireworks. It was a magical day for us all! I was worried that Abram wouldn't enjoy the fireworks but he was ooohing and aaahhing with each explosion. Eden and Abram both also enjoyed the Small World ride (my favorite memory of Disney from when I was a little girl).

Sunday: Hollywood Studios here we come! We got a late start today (as we wanted to sleep in and relax). Studios were especially crowded since it was the final Star Wars weekend celebration. Grandma Nancy and Kodi were both a bit disappointed in the Star Wars stuff at the park, but we still had fun. Kodi, Eden, Grandpa Jim, and Matt all enjoyed the Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller coaster while Grandma Nancy, Abe, and I went to see the Fantasmic show. It was another wonderful day!

Monday: The 7 of us got into the Pilot for a nice drive to Cocoa Beach for some fun by the ocean. Kodi unfortunately got fried while playing in the ocean...I think he only came in for a quick bite to eat and to reapply sunscreen -- but he had so much fun! Eden had fun getting buried in the sand and of course Abe enjoyed it all. We actually saw a sand crab run right by us on the beach. I got some pics of it for our family scrapbook. Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Jim both enjoyed a dip in the ocean and a nap on the beach. We all had a wonderful dinner at a local niche in Cape Canaviral - though I am blanking on the name at the moment. Sarah, Ed, and Morse arrived late this evening.

Tuesday: All 10 of us were here now (we were all sad that Angie and Marvin weren't able to join us on this trip, but hopefully the 12 of us can spend a vacation together sometime in the future)...Today we enjoyed our resort - swam in the pools, the kids had fun on the gigantic slip and slide outside of our room, played some mini-golf and then toured down town Disney.

Wednesday: Back to Magic Kingdom for a whole day of fun! Eden, Sarah, Ed, Morse, Grandpa Jim, and I lasted the whole day and we had so much fun! Ed and I got stuck on Splash Mountain and had the privilege of going on a special backstage tour (as I call it --- fancy way of saying we had to walk off the ride since it stopped working) -- good memories none the less.

Thursday: Epcot -- lots of rain today. Grandma, Grandpa, Eden, Sarah, Ed, and Morse lasted through the rain while Matt, Kodi, Abe, and I bailed in lieu of relaxing back at our hotel.

Friday: so sad to go home...wish we could stay longer. Matt, Kodi, and Eden went back to Hollywood Studios to ride some more rides this morning before we boarded the plane to head back to Wisconsin.

We had a wonderful week and Eden and I are already scheming for when we can go back to Disney World again! Maybe in a few years once Abe is a little older and more independent :D

After getting back to Wisco we spent about a week and a half at home before we headed out for our 4th of July ramp around Wisco-Minnesota. We spent a few days with a good friend Tim Swift up in Seeley where we had a bonfire, shot off some fireworks, swam in Lake Silvernail, Matt did a little riding and Eden and I did a little shopping at our favorite little shop "Firefly" -- I strongly recommend it if you are ever in the Hayward area :). From Seeley we headed over to Independence, MN to spend the weekend at Sarah and Ed's place were Kodi learned to water ski and the rest of us enjoyed fun water sports. Eden built up her indepence and conquored her fear of the tube and by the end of the weekend she was flying off the tube laughing. Abe got over his frustration of his life jacket and was eager to drive the boat :D.

Our drive home was the best -- we hit Madison around 9:30pm where we were able to catch about 12 different sets of fireworks as we cruised along the freeway. It was a late night but seeing all those fireworks made it well worth it :).

This past Monday, Tosa shot off their "4th of July" fireworks and Matt and I enjoyed watching them from our futon upstairs -- perfect view with no mosquitos :D.

Abram is now 17 months old and is keeping us busy. His new favorite word is "up". He has skinned knees from all the fun he has outside. Thankfully no sun burns for him yet. We have already gone through almost 3 bottles of sunscreen so far this summer :)

I love the summer heat, sunshine, and water. Looking forward to 2 more wonderful months! If you are ever in the area, drop by and check out our graden :) Matt and I are very proud of all the growth we have this year. WE have so much salad it's coming out of our ears! LOVE IT!

Enjoy the sun and remember to wear sunscreen :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My parents spent the past 5 days with us here in Tosa, we were all sad to see them go today. It was a very nice and relaxing visit. I was excited to not have to work everyday they were here so I too got some quality time with my folks.

Kodi is all done with wrestling (has been for about 2 weeks) - he ended up finishing first in his weight class/jv in our conference - so that was exciting! He is loving junior high and looking forward to summer and for our mountain bike racing season to start.

Yesterday we went to Dave and Busters with Matt's brother, Mike and his family. The kids all had a blast running around the arcade and playing games. We then came home where Matt made some delicious homemade pizzas!

Abram is doing well and continues to flourish! He loves playing outside and wants to spend most of his day out there! He is now starting to say "hi" more frequently along with mama and dada and he also has learned a few more signs - "dog" being the one he used lots today.

That's about all that is going on here in the Gizzy household. I'll try to write more later :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

3 months till DISNEY!

We are getting excited for our family trip to Disney World! So far, Matt, the kids, Sarah, Ed, their baby, my parents and I are going. As of right now it looks like Ang and Marv aren't able to come, but we will have to do something else together this summer. Last night, I started looking into everything at Disney and it is amazing how much there is to do there! Yikes! We have to get planning to make sure we make the most of our trip :). Matt and I both know that this trip is for the kids and so we want to make it the best trip for them ever!

We are all eager for spring! Abe loves going to the park and swinging and going down the slides. Oh, summer is going to be SO MUCH FUN THIS YEAR! I can't wait to be able to start my garden and move my porch furniture back outside.

I hope all is well for everyone! Thanks for following our blog...I'm going to try and start updating it more frequently!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

l3999999999999999999999999999999kkkkkk[0 h (this is Abram typing)
i7yo cktttckcx (I want to let you all know that I am a busy boy)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx7yy77jkm, (I love to read, type, and play with balls)
'd9gv guiytbdsdyuiytrdrtyuihyg ';lbf n (I am crying on the floor now as mom said I have to stop typing, I wish I could just have my way all the time!).

Well today is February 28, the last day of the month. Matt and I are sitting here watching the Olympics and procrastinating going to the grocery store. Right now US vs Canada Men's Hockey is on and we just tied the game 2-2. OT it is...looks like the grocery store will have to wait until another day.

Abram is a busy little guy. He loves to play with balls and giggles with glee whenever someone catches the ball he "throws". Right now he is trying to climb up and type some more. I guess he has lots to say :)

Abe had his first birthday back on February 5. I can't believe how quickly his first year has passed! So much has changed as he has continued to develop. I can fondly remember back to the days with little sleep. Man is it ever nice to get a good nights sleep. Abram is now consistently sleeping from 7(ish) until 6(ish). So as long as Matt and I get our booties into bed at a decent hour we get a good nights sleep.

Kodi's 1st wrestling season at Longfellow is almost over and he had a pretty good year. He was on the JV team but won about half of his matches. Soccer just started up for him last week (so he had 2 weeks of duo sports - thankfully soccer is only 1 day a week until spring). Soon enough our chaotic Wednesday's will return with both Kodi and Eden having soccer practice.

Matt's still looking for work and I am still working away. Life is good for us here in Wisco. We couldn't ask for any more blessings (aside from a job for Matty).

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was just reading up on my fellow blogger websites and I feel so bad we haven't updated our family blog since November! I apologize for our lack of updates. Life has been good for us Gissibl's, though we are keeping uberly busy!!!!

This weekend, Kodi (6th grade) had back to back wrestling invitationals. He wrestled his heart out and did a great job! Today, he took home a 3rd place trophy. Friday night was ACAL at Longfellow Middle School -- which is essentially a two hour party at the school for all the 6th graders - he had an absolute blast! It has been a lot of fun watching Kodi grow and change as he has adapted to middle school. We have had a few challenging days as he has tested the waters (as all kids do), but over all Kodi is maturing into a fine, respectful young man.

Eden had her first day of swim lessons on Saturday morning (Kodi missed his lesson because of his wrestling match). Saturday, Eden and I hung out around the house (with Abram). We played with her American dolls, braided hair, watched a movie, and just enjoyed some (step) mommy and daughter time. It was very rejuvenating for both of us.

Matt is still keeping busy looking for a job. He has been able to find a few projects keeping him busy at home - 1 . Plowing, 2. working on the 2010 Wisconsin Bicycle Ride Guide -- where he is selling advertisements to various businesses throughout Wisconsin. Hopefully if the Ride Guide goes over well, maybe it could lead to a permanent job??? (say a little prayer for him)

I find it hard to believe that my little Abe is now 11 months old! He is growing so old so quickly! I can't believe how fast time has passed! He is such a wonderfully, happy little guy who loves exploring his surroundings! He is now walking at a fast pace...he can walk to a location faster than he can crawl now. This weekend he has been busy banging metal bowls and measuring cups. Next time I need to use a measuring cup, I will have to search the living room for it! (Haha -- our busy boy moves our Tupperware and the few pots/pans we let him play with all around the house).

Let's see, what's new with me. I am really enjoying the new off-shoot of my position at the hospital, where I am coordinating the critical care float pool orientation. It has been fun adapting to my new office hours and all the scheduling, unit growth, and fun/stress that has come along with this new role. Kristi (my acute care counterpart) and myself have grown a lot these last few months and truly enjoying our new roles. I am now working between 30-40 plus hours each week. Which has proven to be a personal struggle for myself with balancing my home sanity with my work sanity. Basically I am trying to work lots one week and then take it easy the following week so I can be home with the family more.

Well the fam is waiting to play Sorry for me, so I gotta run.
We will post pics soon :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

While Mom's Away, The Boys Will Play

Hello All, It's me Matt (Beth's personal assistant) and I have been asked to post something new to the blog, and I am happy to do this. Let's see where to start, I have so much to say. First let me post this picture of Abram James. He was trying to help me wash the dishes, and I think he wanted to see how good our dish washer worked, as you see he was getting up and going inside. Looks like Dad is going to have to have a talk to the boy, and inform if he wants to take a bath or shower you have to do this in the Tub:)

Well let's see Beth is gone for the weekend, so it's just AJ&me this weekend. We just went shopping for X-mas, we got a gift for Eden. There are some really good deals right now, I think retailers are feeling the pinch, and desperate for business. But I would recommend you wait if you can until after X-mas, when you will find the SUPER deals.

If I had to guess, I would think AJ will be walking in the next 2 weeks. He is getting very comfortable standing on his own, but is still not comfident enough to walk anymore than 2-3 steps on his own. I am in no hurry, but it is fun to walk him grow. Beth is also enjoying this process, but she would say "Abram is growing up to fast".

Finally, I am looking for work, I am looking for my calling or next career. In the mean time I am finding work, mostly painting for my brothers, and some other guys I know that own painting companies. If I were just after the $$ I would start my own painting business, as I see these guys can make some real $$, but I am after something that will keep me content for years to come. I am not getting any younger, so I holding out until I find something better. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers, along with those others whom are down on there luck.

I wish you all a great weekend, and GOD's GRACE to you all.

HAPPY THANKS GIVING, The Gissibl's!!!!